Monday, June 2, 2008


I was thinking about the book, "Technopoly" that Dr. Cramer assigned us to read for COS104. We discussed the definition of technology and whether it was necessary or beneficial for us beyond our desires for instant gratification. I was thinking about that, but not really. What I was really thinking about was 'shortcuts'. Technology really is just a short cut isn't it? It just speeds up relationships. Sure it allows for business and communication that couldn't happen otherwise, but it is in a major way, nothing more than a short cut.
Of course I have relationships that are dependent upon technology: without a highway or roads it would take me considerably longer to get home to Chicago (well, unless I flew... exactly). I don't usually want my relationships built via internet or phone, but I understand that some seasons they just are, and I can make adjustments for that. Writting letters is another way to keep in touch, but it is still technology. So, perhaps it can be used in a way that is not merely instant gratification, because in our day and age snail mail isn't instant anymore anyway! So it isn't just 'instant gratification' or for the sake of it, but it is also still a sort of short cut isn't it?
Then I was thinking about shortcuts (relationally speaking). Are they ok? Is it ok to build a relationship or friendship via facebook or e-mails? Is it necessary? Are short cuts defined, or does it depend upon each relationship and circumstance? Are shortcuts expected now a days? I feel like I am constantly feeling the pressure of shortcuts. I feel like people just want to get to know me as fast as they can to determine what place I can fit in their lives. If I cannot fit a place, they want to know as soon as possible and get out without wasting time, energy, money, or other things of value to them (perhaps vulnerability?).

I don't know what I think about all these things, but I know who they make me think about. They make me think about Jesus. I don't think it would have necessarily made a whole lot of sense for the writters of the gospel to include stories when Jesus just listened, because they didn't see that as his teaching, but I think it had to be. Jesus knew everyone on this earth before meeting them physically, and he still spent time with them, spent time 'getting to know them better'. He didn't declare their poor motives each time they had them. He listened to them, and was patient with them. He loved them, and he knew what was best for them. I may not know what is best for my friends, but I think I can aspire to listen, have patience, love them, and embark upon this life with those around me for this portion of it.

These are some thoughts I have had since aquiring some new friendships this summer. Friendships at God's House, friendships with some playas in Upland, friendships with my Grandparents, and continued friendships (or failed attempts of them) after sophomore year at TU. All I know, is that God is throwing some incredible people into my life. People I am honored to know, and aspire to build lasting friendships with as time progresses. I don't know that anyone reads this other than Whitney (just because she posted), but if you do, you are probably in these categories. Thanks, so much.

You are Loved.


Aubrie said...

I read, too, Jess! I usually don't have much to say in response to blogs though. I think it has a lot to do with what your post is about actually. I like reading blogs to hear peoples' thoughts, but I don't usually respond because that is not how I want to build a relationship with the person.

I guess I'll also mention that I'm sorry I missed you a while back when you were home. I know you said we'd hang out earlier, but I didn't hear from you or really know you were home, but it ended up being the same weekend of my mom's graduation, so I don't think I would have had a chance to hang out anyway. I don't know if you were at church or not, but I wasn't even able to be there to see you for a few minutes - because we left earlier in the morning for the graduation.

higgs070788 said...

Jess, I love you! I love just reading about your thoughts, because I really miss being able to hear about them every day. You make me think...and that is really something that is lacking in my life right now, people who continuously make me think. I really value you, as a person and as a friend. You are so very loved, friend. And I miss you! I cannot wait to hear more of your thoughts, and even just talk to you. I really miss that too. I can't even describe how much I miss you, which is why I should probably stop. :)

you are loved too