Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sugar Lows and High Fives

So, filling everyone in. I feel like this week was less doing and more reflecting. It was good though. I worked a lot. Overtime and the Barrel of Cracks and then spent a lot of time figuring out loan document stuff. But it was a good week. I biked right around 35-40 miles yesterday. I biked over to Taylor and then said hello to Mr. Bobbie Lay (am I allowed to say that? I'm just used to hearing Dave Voss say that in Inductive so much, but I'm no christian ed. major...). We chatted it up and then I went on a bike ride to visit this crazy cemetery where there were graves from the civil war. While walking around the grounds of the cemetery, the person I was biking with said they would like to just have initials on his gravestone. That's it. So, we will just refer to him as 'G.A.' from this point on. Anyway, we biked to Paynes from there where I treated myself to a peach smoothie (love 'em). God has just blessed me with the most incredible relationships this summer. Between 'G.A.' and K.E. (Kristin Eckout) and a few from God's House, I am overwhelmed by the... "sincerity" of these friendships. And for that, I am incredibly thankful.
Well, that was essentially my only day off so far (tomorrow is my only day off again until next week) so I thought I would share that. Oh, there have also been tons of storms coming in, and funny enough, most of them come while I am at work. So while a tornado flies by 3 miles away on 18, I'm asking if you want white gravy on your Country Fried Steak. Hey, look- somebody has to hold the fort down. Here, I AM(said with a certain... 2nd North attitude).
To finish off the post, I'm leaving right now to go get instructions concerning the sewing of my first skirt. I bought the material yesterday night, which was WITHIN my budget I'll have you know (I have a SMALL spending budget this summer). Anyway... here I go!

AHH, ok I forgot to explain the title. So clearly I mentioned biking a LOT yesterday. Well, I am used to making a point of eating when I run a far distance... because I've trained a lot. But not biking! So, in the rush of yesterday... I guess I just didn't eat enough. So today at work, I was freaking out. My mind wasn't working correctly. I asked my first table if they wanted 'cheese on their bacon'. WHAT?! Needless to say, I was told that my blood sugar was probably low? I drank some OJ and was golden (well, not really... I came home and slept for a long time too).

and High Fives? I suggested that the worship band high five after every song we do on stage on sundays. In my head, picturing it... was funny.

Ok, you are loved friends. Love others well, or at least aspire to.

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