Tuesday, June 3, 2008

...Tearin' it up at the CB

SO, I realized with my post yesterday that I didn't really fill you in on my life like I said I would do weekly (like I am trying to do weekly). So, allow me to try that again...

Some of you knew that I was considering other work this summer, but I am indeed (and have) returned to the Cracker Barrel in Marion. I work 40 hours there, and work 20 hours on the side for CEO Focus on the internet. I am also helping out at God's House regaurding their worship ministry. Well, I now have been biking to work (11 miles one way) and unfortunately it has seemed to be rather rainy every time I've made the trip. But no worries, today on my way back after a long day of work the rain lightened up after about 10 minutes and it was a great ride back. I've also been biking anywhere else I can get to in order to conserve resources (that is right, with my 20 dollar race bike from the 1990s). It has been really great. I also finished reading Kite Runner and am moving onto Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne. I'd like to hear him speak on the 23rd in Indi, but I want to finish his book first. SO, a lot of reading to go!
Well, I don't want to bore you with random facts about my week, so a short story.
Ok, so Sunday I went to church, had a picnic with some friends and then spent the afternoon outside attempting to play frisbee. At 5:00 I went to work. Well again, I am a waitress at CB. There is another waitress there named 'Cheryl'. She is about 50+ years old, a heavier set woman, beautiful greying hair (really, she's beautiful). She's kinda a 'ma-ma' type lady... if you know the type. She's very sweet. Well, I'm in the kitchen getting a tray ready to take to a table, and she comes into the kitchen B-E-A-M-I-N-G. She looks at me with a look of utter championship on her face and states, "I got their appetizer out in 60 seconds FLAT... that's right, I'M THE SHIT".

Ok. Can we stop for a minute? Picture this in your head. Picture this sweet older woman, coming into the kitchen and yelling that SOOOO excitedly.

Well, needless to say, that has already been the suggested summer slogan for the Gas City CB. I thought that was hysterical.

I have also made a decision about some goals I have for the summer. One, to learn how to cook (and then to cook resourcefully). My 'house dad' (the dad of the home I'm staying in) is a very resourceful cook. He knows how to cook well, and knows how to use left overs in a meal for the next night. It is really cool. Secondly, I spent 3 dollars today on an investment. What type of investment you might ask? A pattern for sewing skirts. After much thought and contemplation as to what the real reasoning is, I have decided to learn how to sew. Here are some reasons:
1. It's a skill that is useful in any community I'm in
2. I think it would be sweet to make my own clothes
3. I want to reuse the fabric I already have in T-shirts and other clothes instead of throwing them out when they get old
4. I am getting so sick of researching clothing companies that I spend my money on, and finding out that they are connected with child sweat shops in other countries... or other ethically frustrating situations. So, I will buy clothes occasionally when I need to and when I do, it will be with a company I trust.

Wow. Ok, that is a lot. Those are my thoughts.
Cheers; to J-Samp tearin' it up... and then sewing it back together. ;)
Wow. Really... Wow.

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wit' knee heights MEN said...

I just started sewing clothes. It feels so good to finish something and then wear it knowing how much effort went into it.
My friend got a book from the library that shows how to make really sweet clothes out of old t-shirts. I made a skirt.

good luck with that endeavor!