Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Moon Is Down

wow- going old school on ya huh?!

This week has been way too full of adventure. I will spend a few short paragraphs probably just bringing you up to speed. I ran into a fellow at paynes (coffee shop) while reading last week. He introduced himself and saw that I was reading "Jesus for President". Well, we got to talking and he mentioned that we was going to the PAPA festival (event focused on poverty). I talked with him briefly about it, got his information and said I'd e-mail him to hear how the event went. Well, long story short, I called Brock and we talked for a while. Then I told Brock he should go, but he said he works every weekend. He called me the next day to tell me that he was off ALL weekend. WELL... after several hours of confusing calls and texting while I was at work, Brock googled all he knew about the event (that it was in a Mennonite Community 2 hours from Chicago)... found one, and went. Ha. Within the first 30 minutes of being there he said he'd already seen or run into Shane Claiborne and heard the psalters playing. Pretty sweet. MewithoutYou played the following night. That was an adventure... even if I wasn't on it.

My friend J-Higgs came to town this weekend. That was SO good (such a blessing). It was beautiful to see her and be near her for a while. I really loved it. We hung out whenever I wasn't working. We had some TU people over after church for lunch, and ate well together.

Monday I went on quite the adventure to Alexandria Indiana. My friend Austin lives there and I drove down and then we embarked on a bike ride. We biked from about 1-5 or so I think. It was really nice... until he patted me on the shoulder WHILE biking (I still don't know what he was thinking) and I fell. My knee is still gushing strange liquid. But it was so good to be around Austin. I cannot believe how much I miss that trio (Austin, Grandma and Mark). So good. I laugh so hard when I am around them, and Austin seemed to laugh too... which is always good. What a Monday.

Then, yesterday I spent the morning with a lovely friend. A miss Kristin Eckhout. That was great. I played some piano in the recital hall, and thought about how strange it is that I have lead worship in that room: that I lead worship in general. Then Grant, Maija (ehhh.. spelling?) and I headed out to Indy to enjoy an evening of friends, speaker, music, food, and more friends. We heard Shane Claiborne speak. It was cool to hear the Psalters and to know more of exactly what Shane is doing and his goals include, not just through a book. One of the Psalter's dog's got out of the bus and went missing. After a short break it was announced that his dog was hit by a car. Pray for them. I feel like that is worth mentioning here. He seemed really sad about it. That is only day 2 of their journey too!

I went back to work today. I love it here. I love it in Marion with my family, in Marion with my church, in Upland with my friends. I have dear friends in these places. But next week, I will be with my FAMILY... with my FRIENDS. and I am excited about that also. Oh dear, I am so excited. Torn between two different worlds! How does one handle such a split? Easy... just leave and go around the world for 4 months. ;)

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Revolution come free us,
Holy Brother us
desert wanderers have no place to call home