Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My bike is... IN MARION!

Exciting news everyone! My father and I stepped outside Friday morning, onto our driveway and were conversing. What were we conversing you may ask? Well, we were conversing about the garage sales and the potential to find a bike. As we stepped outside, I realized that I needed to get my tires rotated, change the oil in my car, wash it, vacuum it and get an emissions test that day. I didn't really have a lot of time to chill in my neighborhood looking for bikes! Well, as we stepped outside, we both naturally glanced to the neighbor's houses. Suddenly...


Either the sun's light descended upon the frame of the race bike in their garage, or I entirely made that up, but emotionally my heart fluttered as if I'd seen the sun shinning on it. Our neighbor was having a garage sale and selling his race bike! Now, the bike is 15 years old, but in perfect condition, and it was custom built for him (250lbs and 6ft tall)... so it should fit me PERFECT, right? Well, we took the extension out of the seat, had the tires fixed up, and it was as good as new! A race bike that cost me... 20.00! 

So here I am, sitting in the Union at Taylor University, writing about my race bike, and thinking that God really answered the prayer in the previous post! I don't have internet a lot, so I will probably spend most of my time just updating on this blog... not necessarily checking facebook as much, but I'll get there! Post on here if you'd like! I'm taking one week off and just reading and getting settled in my house. The family I'm living with is wonderful. I really enjoy talking with them and getting to know them better! Anyway, family is coming in this weekend, and worship band practice went down last night. It was all great. I road my bike over to someone's house today and we just chatted! It was really fun. The Lord is stretching me right now. Seriously, I could use a lot of prayer. Maybe, if you are reading this, could you just stop a moment and pray for my relationship with Jesus? I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate it.

You are Loved. 

Oh, also: I would really enjoy keeping in touch with some people via snail mail! If you have any desire for that, e-mail me and let me know what your address is!


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