Friday, May 16, 2008

Home is... where my bike is.

I've  decided to try and blog a bit through my summer. This is in attempts to carry the interest of my friends, family, and maybe even a prof or two (shout out to Dr. C.. and Dr. L). This is also due to my desire to do better keeping people informed in how my life is going. Especially next semester. Anyway, here I am, home for a day. I am going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow and then I will be back in Marion on Monday.
      I'm moving in with a family from my church. I am terribly excited about it. I am attempting to purchase a street bike for cheap this weekend, in order to bike to work (about 10 miles) and anywhere else I go this summer. This way I can save gas money. The family is wonderful (as far as I can tell in the 30 minutes I've spent with them). That is at least a good sign right?! I am also very excited to tell you all that they do not have television. They have A television, but no cable: it is only useful for watching DVDs. I am so excited to not have to fight a TV while I am reading all summer (I really only had to do that when my brother was home though).
     Anyway, I will be working at Cracker Barrel, as well as working on a side job online, and at the church. I attend God's House. It is not the type of church I would typically desire initially (regarding liturgy and a whole list of other things), but they are an inner city church that loves people who live in inner city Marion, and they do it well. I am honored to be a part of this church. 
     I love my family so much, and I will miss baby Jack (my dad and stepmom's son) so much, and my parents. But I need to get out of the suburban lifestyle. I am sick of watching wealthy people drown themselves in television and shopping because they have a break in shifts at work. Mostly, I am sick of wanting those things also. They are temptation to me and I don't want them. I spent last summer fighting those things, but I just don't think it is worth the fight anymore: I just don't want to be around these temptations. 
      Well, hopefully next time I post will be at Paynes again, after biking to work and jumping over to paynes to do some internet work. Lord, you heard that prayer. :)

You are Loved.

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